New QR Code check-in history – you control your data

Thursday, 12 August 2021 at 2:40 am

The latest version of the Service Victoria app, now available in Apple and Google Play stores, includes a new history function.

This means you can see a record on your phone of the places you have checked in. You can easily delete a check-in location from the app if you don’t want it stored on your phone. It’s important to know you can delete your check-in history if you’re at risk of family violence or are concerned about someone monitoring your movements through your phone. View this video to see how you can delete check-ins from your phone.

Removing a check-in from your phone won’t delete it from the contact tracing database – contact tracers will still be able to see where you have checked in.

The app will start storing your check-in details on your phone as soon as you install the update. Your visits are automatically deleted after 28 days. 

All data collected through the Victorian QR code system is encrypted and can only be used for contact tracing. If there is no outbreak at a venue, your check-in details will be automatically deleted after 28 days - including what’s listed in the new history function on your phone.

Make sure you check in every time, everywhere to help keep us all safe.

Want to know more about the app? Visit Service Victoria: How to check-in.  

If you or someone you know needs help, family violence support services are available. Visit Family violence crisis response and support during coronavirus for more information.  

If you’re in immediate danger, dial 000.

Can I see where I’ve checked in using the Service Victoria app?

Yes, you can see where you’ve checked in over the past 28 days.

The app will start storing your check-in details on your phone from when you install the latest update.

To see your check-in history:

  • open the Service Victoria app
  • tap the clock icon next to the check-in button
  • your check-in history will show 
  • tap the clock icon again to close your check-in history

Can I delete a location I’ve checked in at using the Service Victoria app?

Yes, you can quickly and easily remove a record of where you’ve visited from the view inside the app. This will only remove it from your check-in history as it appears on your phone – it won’t remove the check-in location from the contact tracing database. Department of Health officials will still be able to contact you in the event of an outbreak.

Watch a short 30-second video showing you how to remove a visit from your history or follow the instructions below.

To delete your check-in history:

Your check-in history automatically deletes after 28 days. If you would like to manually delete locations:

  1. Open the Service Victoria app
  2. Tap the clock icon next to the check-in button
  3. Your check-in history will show 
  4. Tap the location(s) you want to delete from your app
  5. Tap delete. The app will ask if you are sure you want to remove these locations from your phone. Tap delete to permanently remove the selected check-ins. All check-ins will still be stored in the contact tracing database so you can be contacted by the Department of Health if a venue you have visited is an exposure site.
  6. Tap the clock icon again to close your check-in history.