Norasiah Hasan

Norasiah Hasan's work and goodwill has enabled countless women and children to experience an improved quality of life.

Honour Roll

Norasiah Hasan is a member of the Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria. She is the Founder of the 'Muslimah Women's Group', of the Western Region Muslim Community in Wyndham and a member of the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women's Coalition.

She is a volunteer worker in her local community, assisting mainly Muslim women in the City of Wyndham in disadvantaged situations access critical support services. This includes voluntary assistance with women in domestic violence services, dealing with: Legal aid, police, emergency accommodation, court hearings, domestic violence services, counsellors, Centrelink, family services (for example, Anglicare, St Josephs) and the Health Department.

Norasiah is also a foster parent to many adolescents. She spearheaded the 'visiting group' of women in the Wyndham area to visit the refugees from Kosovar based in Puckapunyal. She is a founding member of a food co-op in Wyndham that targeted low income migrant families and a member of the Wyndham Ethnic Communities Committee.

For the past decade, Nora has volunteered her time and efforts selflessly, for the benefit of other women in her community. Presently she is in Malaysia, undertaking a course in 'Family Counselling Therapies', which she hopes will enable her to greatly assist the many Muslim families she already deals with in Victoria.

Nora has consistently demonstrated a generous and tireless compassion for the less fortunate. She truly is a champion for the numerous migrant women who have come to depend on her kindness so frequently. Nora has never sought recognition or validation for the tremendous work she does, as she sincerely believes that charity is its own reward.

Nora possesses a spirit of human compassion that is rarely seen in a society where the best of intentions remain only as that - intentions. As a strong Muslim woman, it is clearly her values of dignity, compassion and love that underpin Nora's outlook on life and give her a seemingly endless commitment to help others.