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Our plan to create more social and community housing

We are increasing social housing by around 6,000 homes, so more Victorians in need have access to stable homes.

Social and community housing

Social housing provides homes to Victorians in need. Social housing helps people find stability in other areas of their lives like education, work and the community.

There is not enough social housing available for Victorians who need it.

How we plan to increase available social housing

We plan to develop around 6,000 social housing homes and apartments. We will do this with programs to develop new homes, renew existing homes and improve the management of social housing.

We will create a $1 billion social housing growth fundExternal Link . The fund will support innovative partnerships between the Victorian Government and other sectors. We will work with the community housing sector, private developers, not for profit organisations and local government.

Affordable Housing Investment Partnerships will make available up to $2.1 billion in low interest loans and government guarantees to finance social and affordable housing.

We will transfer managementExternal Link of more public housing properties to registered community housing agencies.

A Public Housing Renewal ProgramExternal Link will enable the renewal of up to 2,500 ageing public housing dwellings.

Our Social Housing PipelineExternal Link program will deliver social housing through development, fast purchasing and renewal.

We will provide 68 new and redeveloped public housing properties in Preston as part of the Preston Renewal ProjectExternal Link .

Find out more

The Department of Health and Human Services looks after social housing. There is more detail about each of these initiatives in the social housing growth initiativesExternal Link section of their website.

You can also email

Inclusionary housing pilot

The Inclusionary Housing pilot on surplus government land will deliver up to 100 new social housing homes across 6 sites. The pilot will help us make better use of surplus government land. Developers, community and locals will develop better partnerships for delivery of social housing.

Using surplus government land

Surplus government land is often in areas with good access to jobs and transport. When we no longer need the land for government needs we can release it for housing developments.

We will use the Fast Track Government Land ServiceExternal Link so that rezoning and development proposals lead to good levels of social housing.

We expect a proportion of social housing to be delivered on each pilot site.

Including social housing in major developments

As part of the pilot we will help developers, the community and local councils understand how to develop good partnerships.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning looks after the Inclusionary Housing PilotExternal Link .

Simple applications with the Victorian Housing Register

The Victorian Housing Register is how people apply for a place in social housing.

Using the new register Victorians applying for social housing only need to provide their details once. They will not need to apply through many individual agencies.

We plan to reduce waiting times for people in the most need.

Social housing organisations on the register must give at least 75% of their vacancies to priority applicants.

How to apply

Apply for social housing with a Victorian Housing Register ApplicationExternal Link on the myGov website. You can use the same form to apply to transfer from your current social housing property. You may have to link it to your account if it’s not already on your list of applications. If you’re not already on the register you should check if you’re eligible for social housingExternal Link .

Support agencies can also use the VHR online application for organisationsExternal Link or log in to the Funded Agency Channel siteExternal Link .

Reviewed 17 September 2023

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