Parent Effectiveness Training

Parent Effectiveness Training empowers parents and educators with communication and conflict resolution skills to build strong, lasting relationships with their children.

Program details

  • Priority area: Wellbeing (social and emotional)
  • Primary audience: Educators, parents/carers
  • Delivery mode: Group training, coaching, online
  • Strength of evidence: Level 4 Emerging research evidence
  • AEDC sub-domains:
    • Emotional maturity anxious and fearful behaviour
    • Emotional maturity aggressive behaviour
    • Emotional maturity hyperactivity and inattentive behaviour
    • Social competence responsibility and respect
  • Item cost: Moderate ($200$2,000 per person/item)

Program description

Parent Effectiveness Training teaches educators and parents specific communication and conflict resolution skills to create and sustain effective and enduring relationships with their children in all circumstances. Parent Effectiveness Training is designed to actively draw on one’s life experiences, circumstances, problems and perspectives. Activities include role plays, group discussion, sharing, reflection as well as instructor presentations.

Parent Effectiveness Training is made up of eight 3-hour sessions (24 hours total). It is generally delivered over 8 weeks, 34 full days, or five half days in a group setting (316 participants) or individually by arrangement. The course can be delivered in-person or online and is taught by instructors certified by Gordon Training International.

Detailed cost

Fundamentals of Parent Effectiveness Training (3 hours, online only): $297 per person.

Full Parent Effectiveness Training course: $997 per person for combination of online and in-person or $797 for online only.


  1. Fundamentals of Parent Effectiveness Training
  2. Four in-person sessions (21 hours total)
  3. A set of supporting materials including the 30th anniversary edition of the Parent Effectiveness Training book, a Parent Effectiveness Training workbook, a participant certificate, a copy of Dr. Gordon’s Credo and free subscription to Gordon Training International, monthly e-newsletter and 'The Parent Effectiveness Training Connection'.
  4. An Introduction to Parent Effectiveness Training (2 hours) for families, free for services that have purchased the full program

For online full course, participant’s postage and packaging fees will be applied for shipping of materials.

Implementation considerations

  • Target population: educators and parents/caregivers.
  • Program/practice descriptions and details: the total duration of the full course is 21 hours, including about 24 hours of workbook activities and at home/work skills practice. Length and frequency of sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual kindergarten service.
  • Program adaptability: the program can be conducted either online or in-person. A minimum of four participants is required for in-person training. There are no limits to the number of participants for online training. In-person and online training are available in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, Geelong, Castlemaine, and Wangaratta. For rural Victoria, please enquire for available delivery methods. Out-of-hours courses are also available.
  • Staffing: a 24-hour backfill is recommended for each staff attending the course.
  • Tools and systems: staff or seminar room, whiteboard and presentation equipment are required for in-person training.

VEYLDF alignment

Item uses these practice principles

  • Reflective practice
  • Partnerships with families
  • High expectations of every child
  • Respectful relationships and responsive engagement
  • Equity and diversity
  • Assessment for learning and development

Item responds to these sub-outcomes

Children become strong in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.