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We have the vision and the reforms to deliver the LGBTIQ+ strategy and improve the lives of LGBTIQ+ Victorians. To get us there, we will work with communities to deliver on actions and keep them informed as we progress this important roadmap for change.

Roles and responsibilities

The Minister for Equality will lead the LGBTIQ+ strategy. Victorian Government ministers and their departments will work together to deliver whole-of-government actions, as well as those actions falling under their department.

The Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities will play a critical role engaging with community and representing community perspectives as we develop and deliver actions. The Commissioner will report back to community.

The Victorian Government’s LGBTIQ+ Taskforce includes LGBTIQ+ community representatives. The Taskforce will provide community advice and oversight for delivering actions and tracking outcomes.


LGBTIQ+ communities’ voices and involvement are critical to the success of the strategy. We will embed their voices and contributions in the design and delivery of reforms. We will provide opportunities for community to lead the change they want to see for themselves.

Tracking outcomes

Knowing how we are tracking, where we are having an impact and where we can improve our approach is vital to realising the LGBTIQ+ strategy. We also want to build a better picture of LGBTIQ+ communities in Victoria that can feed into policy and service design.

To do this, under priority area 3 we will develop an outcomes framework. The outcomes framework will tap into existing government outcomes measures and build new data points that reflect LGBTIQ+ outcomes.

Reporting on progress

We will report each year across the strategy’s 10-year lifetime on the delivery of actions under each priority area. We will develop a dedicated LGBTIQ+ strategy webpage to keep Victorians updated on our progress, including between annual reporting periods. As it matures, the outcomes framework will provide valuable insights to report back to community.


Outcomes framework A system to track the impact of the LGBTIQ+ strategy’s actions over time. This system will use key data to track how Victorian LGBTIQ+ outcomes change, basing it on the Victorian Outcomes Reform Statement.

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Reviewed 05 February 2022

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