Connecting within and between LGBTIQA+ communities

Community is where people and families come together to connect, practise culture and create language. Community means different things for different people. And people shift between different communities based on things like their culture, faith and family, as well as gender, sexuality and sex characteristics.

For many LGBTIQA+ people, community settings protect against isolation and help describe and celebrate their history and experience. They are places where they can develop, advocate and plan for better futures. Community events, institutions and organisations are vital for many LGBTIQA+ people.

‘You see us, but you don’t hear us. Hopefully in 10 years you can hear more about us.’
Workshop participant, Pasifika consultation

Being a part of the LGBTIQA+ community delivers widespread benefits to LGBTIQA+ people, including better health. People mentioned opportunities to increase the accessibility of LGBTIQA+ spaces to ensure people of all cultures, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, disabilities and abilities can feel safe and welcome.

Rainbow colours symbolising the LGBTIQA+ community