Priority Area 2: Enhancing training architecture

Building from Strength: 10-Year Industry Plan for Family Violence Prevention and Response was launched in 2016 to lay the foundations for building a supported, valued, skilled and diverse workforce. Five years on, we reflect on key actions and achievements so far.

Thursday, 3 June 2021 at 12:45 am

Priority Area 2 in Strengthening the Foundations, the First Rolling Action Plan 2019-22 under Building from Strength, ensures that workforces are provided with a quality learning experience throughout to build and maintain the appropriate skills and knowledge needed throughout their career.

It also works to ensure that there is a network of skilled trainers and educators to meet the growing demand

Key project updates

Accredited training

The development and delivery of accredited vocational education and training (VET) courses in family violence response and prevention is underway by the Department of Education and Training (DET), in partnership with the Centre for Workforce Excellence (CWE).  All courses are developed in collaboration with family violence industry experts.

Accredited training supports the acquittal of Actions:

  • 2.1: Develop accredited units of competency in family violence response and prevention to meet the skill and capability requirements for the future specialist workforces and the broader workforces that intersect with family violence to support alignment to MARAM.
  • 2.13: Embed family violence response and prevention in relevant pre-service courses and professional development for a range of professions that intersect with family violence, so that graduates are ‘work-ready.’

Currently available

Course in Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Risk (22510VIC) is a single unit course which covers foundational family violence knowledge and skills in MARAM screening and identification.

Further information on the course and delivery partners is available on the Victorian Skills Gateway website or by email:

Upcoming courses

Course in Intermediate Risk Assessment and Management of Family Violence Risk (22561VIC) is a 2 unit course consistent with MARAM brief and intermediate risk assessment.

Course in Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Risk (22510VIC) is incorporated into the course as the first unit of competency, and people who have completed 22510VIC will receive a credit towards this course. The second unit of the course covers working with adult and child victim-survivors, adolescents who use violence and perpetrators. This course will be available later this year.

It is appropriate for both existing workforces and to be delivered in pre-service training, either as stand-alone or within other training courses.

Future courses in development

Future courses will be developed in contributing to primary prevention of family violence for all workforces, MARAM comprehensive risk assessment and management responsibilities and a Graduate Certificate in Family Violence aligned to the mandatory minimum qualifications equivalency principles.

Training professional development

Professional development for trainers supports the acquittal of Action 2.8: Provide supplementary professional development on the reformed family violence system (including MARAM and information sharing) for newly qualifying and existing holders of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Professional development for trainers in Skills First-contracted providers is being delivered through the VET Development Centre. The Family Violence Professional Learning Programs include professional development in MARAM, gender equity and prevention of family violence. Deep dive sessions will also be available for trainers on topics such as Introduction to LGBTIQ intimate partner and family violence, delivered by Rainbow Health Victoria.

In 2021, communities of practices are being facilitated with a focus on teaching and assessment, and challenges and achievements in delivering family violence accredited training.

Find more information on the VET Development Centre website.

Best Practice Education Model

The Department of Education and Training (DET) contracted Nous Group to lead the development of a Best Practice Vocational Education Model (the Model) for Family Violence VET Trainers to deliver accredited family violence prevention and response training in Victoria.

The development of the model will support the acquittal of Action 2.9: Undertake research to develop ‘best practice’ teaching and assessment approaches in VET family violence training to inform effective design and delivery strategies for TAFEs, Learn Locals and other Registered Training Organisations.

To ensure that critical family violence and Aboriginal cultural expertise sit at the heart of the development of the model, the engagement of Family Violence and Cultural Experts through 2 lead organisations (Domestic Violence Victoria/Domestic Violence Resource Centre) in partnership with No To Violence and Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)

This project is due for completion at the end of June 2021.