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Prof Marilyn Anderson FAA FTSE

For over 35 years, Professor Marilyn Anderson has worked in scientific research in plant biochemistry and genetics.

Honour Roll

Marilyn's discovery and ongoing research found that the female sexual tissues of plants produce high concentrations of molecules to protect their reproductive capacity from fungal infection and insect predators.

This has paved the way for worldwide research for the global food industry into creating new and improved crops such as corn, soya, cotton and canola, that are resistant to disease and insects.

In 1998, Marilyn was a founding scientist and Director of the Australian agribusiness research and development company Hexima Limited. Currently, she is the Chief Science Officer and an Executive Director of Hexima Limited, which employs over 30 talented scientists at La Trobe University.

Since 2008, Marilyn served as a Director of South East Water Limited and for the ten years prior, served on the board of City West Water Limited.

In 2010, Marilyn was elected to the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and in 2011 to the Australian Academy of Science, in recognition of her success and international standing in the scientific community. She is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Currently, Marilyn is Professor and Laboratory Head in the Department of Biochemistry within the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science, La Trobe University. Marilyn is also a ministerial appointment to the La Trobe University Council and an Associate of the Botany School at the University of Melbourne