Professor Maria Forsyth

Professor Forsyth is a pioneer in research that will make Australia environmentally sustainable.


Maria is an Australian Chemist who pioneered the discovery, fundamental understanding and application of ionic materials, which has now developed into a large, important and dynamic scientific field.

She received her first-class degree and her doctorate at Monash University and was awarded the Masson Medal and a Fulbright Fellowship.

Maria is also a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, an Australian Laureate Fellow and Chair of Electromaterials and Corrosion Science, and currently serves as the Associate Director of ACES, and Director of storEnergy.

In 2012, she was conferred the title of Alfred Deakin Professor at Deakin University. Her research has applications in both energy storage and in understanding the mechanisms of corrosion.

The ability to store energy efficiently and quickly supply energy on demand are critical factors in the push to use clean solar and wind energy in the future.

Maria’s research group has been leading this work since the 1990s, long before these areas were developed as areas of commercial interest.