Commitments over the next four years

The following section contains 22 priority areas. Unlike the systemic reforms, priority areas focus more on one service system or a specific issue, rather than cut across the whole of government. The priority areas are organised under four pillars:

  1. Inclusive communities
  2. Health, housing and wellbeing
  3. Fairness and safety
  4. Opportunity and pride

The 22 priority areas have been identified based on:

  • extensive consultation with people with disability, disabled people’s organisations, self advocacy groups, peak bodies and the Victorian Disability Advisory Council across 2020 and 2021
  • lessons from the pandemic, which amplified the barriers, inequalities and discrimination people with disability experience every day
  • strong evidence for what works best to improve outcomes.

For each priority area, we provide a statement about what we will do over the next four years. We are calling these ‘commitments’, and they are being included so everyone knows what the goals are for each priority area.

We also include a set of actions that will drive change to achieve the commitment.