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4 out of 5 drownings are men

To all those Unsinkable Guys out there… You might think it’s safe to have a few drinks around water, skip the lifejacket when you’re out on the boat or go for a swim without checking the conditions.

But statistics prove that 4 out of 5 drownings are men.

Just remember that no one’s unsinkable.

79% of fatal drownings in Victoria over the last 10 years were males aged between 25-64 years old.

Males are consistently overrepresented in drowning statistics. Plus, over the last 10 years, an average of 70 non-fatal hospital admissions each year were male.

Rethink taking risks around water.

Safety tips for inland waterways

  • Avoid alcohol around water.
  • Never go alone.
  • Always wear a life jacket when on the water.

Safety tips for the beach

  • Swim between the red and yellow flags wherever possible.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Check the conditions before you leave home.

For more information on how to stay safe around water, including the latest drowning report, visit the Life Saving Victoria websiteExternal Link .

Reviewed 09 March 2023

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