Rescue, first aid and care guidance for different species

Other than transport to a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator, it is important that only those appropriately experienced in the care of wildlife interact with or care for injured, sick or abandoned wildlife. This is to ensure the animal gets appropriate care and can be released back into the wild as soon as possible.

For specific guidance on the rescue, first aid and care of different wildlife species, please refer to the Victorian Wildlife Rehabilitation Guidelines(opens in a new window).

Whales, dolphins, seals, marine turtles, platypus and fish cannot be acquired, received, kept, possessed, destroyed or disposed of by wildlife rehabilitators. If these species are brought into care, please contact us by calling 136 186(opens in a new window) or emailing us(opens in a new window).

If you’re still unsure about veterinary care for wildlife, please reach out to us for a discussion of your individual circumstances by calling 136 186 or emailing us.