Vision and guiding principles

The vision for the Victorian autism plan has not changed during the refresh. It is grounded in the same advice from autistic people and the Advisory Group that informed the original plan.

The vision for the plan is:

An inclusive Victoria where autistic people enjoy lives with real opportunities for choice, participation and contribution within our community.

The vision aligns with that of Inclusive Victoria:

An inclusive, accessible and safe Victoria that upholds the rights of people with disability, celebrates our diversity and pride, and expands our opportunities to belong and control our lives.

The guiding principles of the Victorian autism plan also remain in place. They reflect advice received in consultations on the original plan, as well as the standing principles of recent Victorian Government state disability plans. The guiding principles are:

  • Autonomy – autonomy means having the capacity and support to make your own decisions. It is the freedom to decide your own beliefs and relationships.
  • Opportunity – opportunity means being able to control and improve your circumstances through access to education, employment and positions of leadership and influence.
  • Human rights – the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act protects human rights and upholds the rule of law, human dignity, equality and freedom.
  • Diversity – human rights belong to all people without discrimination. The diversity of the people of Victoria enhances our community.
  • Accountability – we expect autistic communities to hold us to account over the life of this plan. This plan is a framework for delivering actions on intended outcomes.

These guiding principles inform our actions and the ways we will go about delivering them.