Victorian Government graduate program

Start your career as a graduate with the Victorian Public Service and find work with purpose.

Victoria is a leader in innovation, progressive social change and infrastructure projects. You can be part of it.

Graduates join us because we offer incredible career opportunities. No other employer has such a variety of roles. A career with us will lead to work across industries, and throughout metro, regional and rural areas.

You'll try different departments, learn new skills and tap into your potential. Aside from the competitive salary and work life balance, there’s one more important perk. The satisfaction of making a difference and improving the lives of Victorians.

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Check if you're eligible

To apply, you need to:

  • have completed your undergraduate or postgraduate degree between 1 January 2017 and 1 January 2020
  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident or have unrestricted working rights in Australia at time of application
  • not have taken a voluntary redundancy from the Victorian public sector in the 3 years up to the program start date
  • be committed to working for the people of Victoria

Application process and dates

Applications open: 18 February 2019.

Applications close: 24 March 2019 at midnight.

Online assessments: invitations will be sent 30 March 2019 (and responses close 3 April at midnight).

Video interviews: instructions will be sent 8 April 2019 (and submissions close 15 April at 8:59am).

Assessment: will take place between 6 May and 17 May 2019.

First round offers: will be made from 20 May 2019.

Graduate program commences: late January 2020.

What you'll get out of the program

You'll get:

  • A career where you can make a difference and work for the public good
  • An ongoing job, starting as a VPS Grade 2.1.6
  • A competitive starting salary of more than $57,000
  • A 12 month introductory program
  • Diverse experience across 3 rotations
  • Tailored training and development opportunities
  • Opportunities to build relationships and network
  • A promotion and payrise to more than $68,000 at the end of your first year

Working conditions in the Victorian Government include a genuine commitment to work-life balance. Flexible work is common.

Graduate program streams

Applicants will only be considered for one stream this year. It’s important that you decide carefully which stream to apply for.

The program includes 3 rotations in different departments across 12 months. You’ll have a home department that you start in for your first rotation and return to at the end of the program. You’ll have the chance to indicate your preferred department when you apply.

Generalist stream

The Generalist stream includes graduates from all academic disciplines. It provides the government with a broad range of perspectives and ideas. The Generalist stream will develop you into an experienced and well-rounded public servant.

Accounting and finance stream

The Accounting and finance stream is open to graduates with a major in accounting or finance. You’ll draw on your accounting and finance skills in every placement in this stream.

Data analytics stream

The Data analytics stream is open to graduates with majors or experience in:

  • data analytics
  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • modelling
  • computer science

You’ll work to transform how government uses data .

Economic consultancy stream

The Economic consultancy stream is open to graduates with a major in economics and econometrics. You'll be putting your economics knowledge and analytical skills to good use.

Many, but not all, of the roles are in the Department of Treasury and Finance. You’ll still have 3 rotations in different teams across the graduate year. It might be that 2 of those are within the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Project delivery stream

The Project delivery stream is open to graduates with majors or experience in:

  • engineering
  • project management
  • planning
  • architecture
  • property development

You’ll work in the development, design and construction of high-profile public infrastructure projects.

Support pathways

Our community benefits from a public service that reflects the community it serves.

We have entry pathways into the public service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates and graduates with a disability.

We will not share your information with hiring departments or line managers without your consent. You can share information as part of the application process, but then choose not to share it with employers or peers. Read our collection notice to find out what information we collect and why.

Participating departments

There are 8 departments in the Victorian Government. They all do interesting and amazing things.

They all have various agencies and entities attached to them, and some of our graduate positions are in these agencies.

It’s important that you consider the various departments available to you. Our graduates are offered an ongoing position in a home department. This is where you will do your first rotation and where you return at the end of the graduate year.

If you’re applying in the generalist stream will be asked to indicate your first and second preference of the department you want to work for.

Graduate stories

Don't take our word for it, hear what our graduates have to say.

Reviewed 21 May 2019