Victorian Infrastructure Plan

A plan to build, improve and care for Victoria's infrastructure.

Victoria needs world-class infrastructure to continue economic growth and cater for our growing population.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan responds to Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year Infrastructure Strategy. It presents priorities and future directions in 9 key sectors.

Projects pipeline update

The first projects pipeline update was released in June 2018. The updated pipeline highlights the progress that has been made on delivering the long term infrastructure agenda, and identifies those new major projects and initiatives the state requires.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan was released in October 2017.

9 key sectors

The priorities for each sector.

9 key sectors

Technical report

The technical report helps indicate how the VIP initiatives respond to the Victorian Government’s social, economic, environmental and innovation priorities. These assessments draw on the Infrastructure Victoria evidence base and incorporate additional departmental assessments.  It adds additional context to the priorities of the VIP and shows how projects and reforms respond to these 4 key objectives.

Government response

The government's response to the 30-year Infrastructure Strategy.

Infrastructure Victoria advice

Infrastructure Victoria provided advice on the Victorian Infrastructure Plan. Their findings focused on alignment with the key priorities of their 30-Year  Infrastructure Plan.

Reviewed 14 February 2019

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