Focus and structure underpin the system

More than 100,000 Victorians have signed up to Free TAFE since it was introduced in 2019 – making rewarding career pathways accessible to more people and saving them more than $240 million in course fees.

More than half of Free TAFE students are women, nearly 30 per cent are from culturally diverse backgrounds, around a quarter were unemployed and close to 10 per cent live with disability.

Free TAFE offers more than 60 courses, including skills required in priority sectors such as cybersecurity, building and construction, education support, agriculture and community services.

Apprenticeships Victoria is setting new benchmarks for earn-and-learn opportunities. Victoria has had one of the highest increases in new apprenticeships and traineeships of any state, doubling to almost 50,000 in the 12 months to September 2021.

Skills and Jobs Centres continue to play a key role triaging people into the appropriate vocational learning pathways, delivering qualified career counselling and providing information on local job opportunities.

Each year more than 30 Skills and Jobs Centres screen around 1,500 apprentices for Big Build demonstration projects and provide services to over 23,000 clients.

The Victorian Skills Gateway provides advice to learners about priority occupations and skills in demand, as well as the educational and training opportunities offered by TAFE and other providers.

Learn Local providers and broader community support organisations are critical. They provide courses that empower students to gain the skills they need to pursue further education or skills that are aligned to jobs in local communities.

Learn Local courses are particularly suited to adult learners looking to develop their digital, literacy, numeracy and employability skills for study, work and life.

In a unique response to the impact of COVID-19 on the state’s universities, the Higher Education State Investment Fund facilitated projects to boost productivity in the recovery phase.

The Victorian Government is delivering other programs to support people into jobs in demand:

  • Jobs Victoria supports people looking for work and connects employers with the staff they need.
  • The Digital Jobs program builds the state’s digital workforce by upskilling mid-career Victorians so they can transition into digital careers.

Leading economic opportunities through skills and training

Free TAFE student statistics:

  • more than half are women
  • nearly 30% are from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • one-quarter were unemployed
  • close to 10% live with disability.

Each year more than 30 Skills and Jobs Centres screen about 1,500 apprentices for Victoria’s Big Build demonstration projects.