Adrian’s success in securing work with the help of Disability Employment Services

Adrian's journey into the workforce.

Stepping Forward For Work Program

Learning difficulties made it challenging for Adrian to grasp tasks and find employment. He undertook the Stepping Forward For Work Program at Westgate Community Initiatives Group’s Disability Employment Services, which focuses on the needs of the long-term unemployed with mental or physical health barriers.

Adrian was reserved and unsure of himself and his abilities, but hopeful and willing to learn. His unwavering determination saw him arrive to class early and stay late to complete tasks. After several weeks of striving hard to focus and learn, he was able to plan and write a resume and cover letter, and he gained the confidence to further his quest for employment.

Such was his success that he went on to guide other struggling learners. Adrian’s goal of full-time employment became a reality when he secured an apprenticeship in horticulture. He loves his job and is committed to sticking to it.