What teaching’s like as a career?

Salaries, benefits and stories from real teachers about life as a teacher in Victoria.

Teaching in Victorian government schools is a rewarding career, where no two days are the same. As a teacher you have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of your students.

Salaries and benefits for teachers

The base salary for graduate teachers in Victorian public schools currently begins at $76,484 . With experience, it progresses up to $124,490 for a leading teacher.

For a full breakdown of teacher class salaries in Victorian public schools, visit the Salary rates webpage.

Other benefits for teachers in Victorian public schools include:

  • secure, ongoing employment with the Department of Education, so your leave entitlements move with you from one school to another
  • increased work/life balance
  • an employer that champions diversity and inclusion
  • a state-wide network of peers, and
  • ongoing professional development.

There are also financial incentives available for:

What it’s like to be a teacher in Victoria

Find out what a career in teaching is really like. These teachers have welcomed us into their classrooms to share their experiences.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Kait Kelly

After a career as a nurse and midwife, Kait realised her personality and experience would be a perfect fit for teaching. In this video Kait shares what she gets out of being a teacher, both personally and professionally.

Matt Kellow

After working as a manager in a law firm, Matt felt his true calling was to teach. In this video Matt shares what he loves most about teaching and why it’s been so rewarding.

Preston High School

Liz Parsons

Now a Year 9 leading teacher, Liz shares her passion for languages and learning with students every day. In this video Liz shares her journey into the career she loves.

Arthurs Creek Primary School

Tegan Compson

After a unit in her sports science degree working with students with disabilities, Tegan knew teaching was the career for her. In this video Tegan shares what she loves most about it, and what you should do next if you want to become a teacher.

Glen Waverley Primary School

Trish Singh

Trish loves teaching the children at Glen Waverley Primary School. In this video Trish shares what gives her joy every day, and hears from her students about the impact she’s had.

Video interviews with real teachers

This video series gives you the chance to hear from real teachers about what it’s like working in the profession in Victoria. Subject Matters is created by the Department of Education and hosted by Australian TV presenter Gorgi Coghlan.

Episode 1: Is teaching my future?

In this episode, hear from a secondary teacher and a recent graduate on what they think are the best parts of the job.

Episode 2: What does it take to become a teacher in Victoria?

In this episode, hear from an assistant principal, a science teacher and a recent graduate on what qualities work well in teaching.

Episode 3: What are the myths and misconceptions of teaching?

In this episode, hear from a Head of Curriculum and an award-winning teacher on the common misconceptions about teaching.

Episode 4: Teaching and new horizons

In this episode, hear from a regional secondary teacher and a Department of Education representative on the financial support available.

Episode 5: What makes teaching in Victoria so unique?

In this episode, hear from two primary teachers on why they chose to teach in Victoria, and how relocating has enhanced their lives.

Episode 6: An award-worthy career in the classroom

In this episode, hear from two award-winning teachers about continuous professional learning in the education sector.

Episode 7: Career coaching

In this episode, hear from a secondary teacher and a career coach on finding your calling and what to consider in becoming a teacher.

Episode 8: Making your mark

In this episode, hear from a recent graduate and an EAL teacher on the impact they’ve had on the leaders of tomorrow.