Wyndham Vale Station video transcript

A video showing the artist Yu-Fang Chi that created the artwork at Wyndham Vale train station.

Hi my name is Yu-Fang Chi and I'm an artist and designer

I was born in Taiwan and I moved to Australia in 2014 to Pursuit my degree and I really enjoy working within the community with nice people and amazing landscape.

Uh the area title flourish is inspired by native plants flora and local landscape.

The artwork reflects the life and value in Wyndham Vale, and it celebrates a unique environment in this area.

And when I heard heard about this project, the Transporting arts project - I really want uh I can put one of my artwork within the train station and when people and the passenger that travel back and forth they can look at our work and I hope they can encounter a welcome and also a warm at atmosphere when they go home.

[End transcript]