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10 Years Beyond Bushfires Report

Overview of the key learnings in the 10 years since the 2009 Victorian bushfires.


Resource details
Title 10 Years Beyond Bushfires Report
Owner University of Melbourne
Date last updated March 2021
Resource type Reflection

What is this about?

This report presents an overview of the key learnings in the 10 years since the 2009 Victorian bushfires. It is a continuation of the Beyond Bushfires research which examined the impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of community members.

The extension of the study aimed to build an understanding of longer-term recovery and the ongoing impacts of major disaster experience, to identify where support is needed for those affected and to guide preparedness and recovery from future events.

This report is informative and provides evidence-based recommendations for community members, school communities, government and service providers.

Who is this resource for?

  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Community Recovery Committees

Table of contents

  • Outline of disaster recovery recommendations
  • Introduction
  • So much has been learnt since the Black Saturday Bushfires 
  • Long term recovery
  • Long term impacts
  • Social supports and connections
  • Children and families
  • Attachment to place and relocation
  • Commemoration
  • Life satisfaction and growth
  • Applying these findings to support disaster recovery
  • Recommendations for community members
  • Recommendations for school communities
  • Recommendations for government and service providers
  • Recommendations for research
  • References and further reading
  • Appendix: About the Beyond Bushfires study