Community recovery stories

Hear stories from those with lived experiences and learnings

This section contains stories of resilient recovery. Different types of recovery experts offer their experience and learnings through these videos. This includes disaster affected community members, and supporters of the recovery process. We can better support community-led pathways to recovery by learning from these experiences. Learning from and listening to these lessons and experiences also builds resilience. It can help those involved in recovery navigate the differences of every disaster, community, and recovery.

This section will develop over time to include more stories. Please get in contact if you know of a story you would like considered for this section.

How to support recovery workers

Video length: 2:57

On behalf of DELWP, Jolie Wills, cognitive psychologist, provides advice for managers and decision makers on how they can best support their staff working in emergency recovery.

Forest Fire Management Victoria - Managing Risk Together

Video length: 6:31

Our purpose is to protect people, property and the environment by reducing the risk and impact of bushfires on Victoria's parks, forests and other public land. We do this by reducing fuel loads – the shrubs, bark and leaf litter that fuel bushfires – through planned burning and other activities, like slashing, mowing and creating fuel breaks. There are months and often years that go into this planning with the community, using world class bushfire science and modelling technology.

Reseeding Giants - reseeding the Ash forests

Video length: 5:53

Our beautiful giants, the Mountain and Alpine Ash forests, were devastated after the 2019-20 bushfires. This is why we carried out one of the largest forest restoration efforts in Victoria to re-seed these Victorian forests.

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Dr Rob Gordon: Thinking about the anniversary of the bushfires

Video length: 11:30

Rob is a clinical psychologist who has spent 30 years working with people affected by disasters. He has been there after the aftermath of the Bali bombings, Christchurch earthquake, Black Saturday Bushfires and many more. He has delivered several sessions to communities across East Gippsland since the fires in December 2019. Many community members have found these sessions invaluable in helping them to understand what and why they are feeling and a way forward in dealing with these feelings.

Dr Rob Gordon: Tackling uncertainty and anxiety ahead of the next disaster season

Video length: 36:33

As the year turns toward summer and wild weather again, memories about past events are stirred to life. Emergencies are about the damage caused, but equally about a changed sense of safety in the environment. For some people, worry, unpredictability and a changed sense of safety are part of the recovery journey. Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery Advisors and Mentors Australia (DRAMA) hosted clinical psychologist and disaster recovery expert, Dr Rob Gordon as he talked through understanding how your experience of disasters may impact your sense of safety and what can be done to prepare for the upcoming summer season.