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Acronym Title
BP3 Budget Paper 3
CFA Country Fire Authority
CFASafe System providing critical business functions including Hazard/ Incident Reporting, Health Program Management and Audit tracking.
Division A

Former Metropolitan Fire Brigade firefighters employed by FRV

Division B Former CFA firefighters employed by FRV
EMR Emergency Medical Response
EMV Emergency Management Victoria
FES Fire Equipment Services
Fire ED Fire Education
FLAMES Home fire safety education program specifically tailored for secondary aged students newly arrived in Australia, studying English as an Additional Language
FRV Fire Rescue Victoria
FRVSafe System for capturing and monitoring hazard & incident reports for FRV personnel
FSIM Fire Services Implementation Monitor
LGA Local Government Association
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NPS Net Promoter Score
SLA Service Level Agreement

Reference to fire services agencies

References to the fire services in this document relate specifically to CFA and FRV. Where more than one fire services agency is referenced in this document, they are listed in alphabetical order.

Comparison between agencies’ performance against published Outcomes Frameworks

As the two outcomes frameworks are based on the agencies’ own strategic and operational priorities and data, comparisons between the agencies should not be made.