Appendix A: Country Fire Authority Q2 Progress Update

CFA’s Year Three Outcomes Framework uses a quarterly baseline which calculates the average result for Q2 over a specified time period (1, 2, 3 or 5 years). CFA reports the use of baseline data in lieu of specified targets for many measures. CFA’s target therefore is to ‘increase’ or ‘decrease’ (as appropriate) and improve performance with consideration to baseline data.

CFA will not be retrospectively applying the Year Three Outcomes Framework reporting rules or recalculating baseline data using the CFA’s year three methodology for reporting periods prior to Q2. CFA categorises Year Three Outcomes Framework indicators into four domains:

  1. strong relationships to keep communities safe
  2. a responsive and innovative volunteer service
  3. high performing volunteer and paid workforce
  4. a continuous improvement culture.

Data is available from page 7 in the report document.

2022-23 Fire Services Outcomes Framework Progress Report Quarter 2
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