Outcomes reporting guidance

Legislative requirements to report on outcomes

The performance measures that CFA and FRV report on are set by the agencies in their outcomes frameworks. Section 140(1) of the FRV Act requires CFA and FRV to each prepare an outcomes framework that sets out their respective outcomes-based fire service performance measures. Section 140(4) of the FRV Act further requires CFA and FRV to prepare and submit to FSIM a quarterly update that sets out their performance against their performance indicators.

Reporting and data limitations

Q2 is the first quarter CFA has reported on its Year Three Outcomes Framework. As reported above, CFA reports that the Year Three Outcomes Framework refines indicators from the Year Two Outcomes Framework and introduces some new indicators. Where appropriate, FSIM will continue to use historical data published in previous quarterly progress reports to track indicator trends over time however, in this report, FSIM has not included any baselines in the trend analysis charts as the data sets have altered.

As noted above, FRV reports that the cyber-security breach of its systems has significantly reduced its capability to report on outcomes and output data. FRV has provided commentary of five measures this quarter.

Report structure

This report comprises FSIM summary (section one) and the CFA and FRV performance measure results received for this quarter (sections four to six). Where possible, FSIM presents CFA performance results with trend data from 1 July 2020. FSIM also includes CFA and FRV explanations of measures (business rules) and where appropriate, provides confirmation of whether the agency met or did not meet target or baselines. FSIM also includes CFA and FRV commentary on indicator progress.

Fire Services Implementation Monitor (FSIM)

FSIM was appointed in 2020 in accordance with the FRV Act. FSIM’s functions under the FRV Act are to assess the effectiveness of agencies in delivering against Implementation Plan actions and provide independent assurance to government and the community on the progress made towards modern fire services providing for a safer Victoria. FSIM is required to prepare and publish quarterly reports on CFA and FRV Outcomes Frameworks measures under s141 of the FRV Act.

Publication of reports

FSIM publishes quarterly reports at Fire Services Implementation Monitor publications | Victorian Government.