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2022-25 Gender equality action plan: Department of Education and Training

Department of Education
April 2022

The department's Gender Equality Action Plan for 2022-25 (the action plan) affirms our commitment to promoting workplace gender equality, ensuring a gender equitable and respectful workplace for all staff in government schools and our corporate workplaces.

The action plan was developed following the completion of a workplace gender audit and extensive consultation with our government school and corporate workforces, as well as key stakeholders including the employee representatives and staff-led networks.

This collaboration ensured the plan considered diverse perspectives and voices, with more than 15,000 DET staff contributing.

The action plan sets out the department’s key focus areas to address gendered structural and cultural inequality in our workplaces. It has a focus on intersectional gender inequality, particularly the way in which identity characteristics such as age, sexuality and disability can exacerbate gender inequality.

The annual implementation plans have specific initiatives and priorities to progress our commitments in the action plan. The Year One Implementation Plan identifies actions to be undertaken in 2022.

The Gender Audit Summary Report 2021External Link is the department’s baseline data, describing the data for a range of measures against the Commission for Gender Equality in the public sector’s workplace gender equality indicatorsExternal Link .

This data has informed the development of the plan, and points to areas where action is needed to address imbalances.

Audit reports will be produced periodically across the life of the plan and will help us to track our progress and identify where to focus our future actions in our annual implementation plans.

Where we want to be

The focus of the work is to:

  • Promote equality in the composition of our workforces
  • Reduce the gender pay gap
  • Ensure a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace for all staff.

Reviewed 15 May 2022

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