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The Victorian Government announced the Royal Commission into Family Violence in 2015. The Premier of Victoria The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP said it was:

The most urgent law and order emergency occurring in our state and the most unspeakable crime unfolding across our nation.

Family violence in Victoria was estimated to have cost $5.3 billion in 2015-16.

Following the release of the Royal Commission’s report in 2016, the Victorian Government is working towards implementing all 227 of the Commission’s recommendations.

The Victorian Government has invested approximately $2.7 billion to address family violence since 2014.

Family violence statistics

Approximately one quarter of women in Australia have experienced at least one incident of violence by an intimate partner.

  • On average, 1 woman a week in Australia is killed by her intimate partner.
  • Most victims/survivors of intimate partner violence are women.
  • Approximately 1 in 5 Australian women (18% or 1.7 million) has experienced sexual violence.
  • Partner violence often occurs when women are pregnant.
  • Intimate partner violence is the greatest health risk factor (greater than smoking, alcohol and obesity) for women in their reproductive years.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women experience high rates of violence with significant health impacts. An estimated 3 in 5 indigenous women have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner since age 15.
  • Over one-third of women with disabilities experience some form of intimate partner violence.
  • Children often see or hear violence between their parents. Family violence is a factor in many child protection cases.
  • Many women do not seek help about their experience of violence. Of women who have experienced violence by a current partner:
    • Just over half (54% or 149,700) had sought advice or support about the violence they experienced.
    • 82% (225,700) had never contacted the police.

Reviewed 20 May 2020

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