Loren - practice leader

"We help to create ‘lightbulb moments’ for people in how they understand gender equality and how they can be part of change.”

Loren Days, Director of Practice Leadership
Our Watch

Loren Days trained as a lawyer before starting in the family violence sector as a policy officer. The career pathway to her current role as Director of Practice Leadership at Our Watch has taken some turns, and she wouldn’t have it otherwise.

“There are a range of backgrounds and experiences that are very valuable in the family violence sector. There are communications people, lawyers, people with criminal justice backgrounds, evaluators, teachers, social workers.

“The sector is working toward the goal of ending family violence in many different ways – you just need to find the one that suits you best.”

Loren is passionate about preventing family violence through new approaches and believes that complex issues can only be addressed by teams of people from diverse backgrounds working together.

“At Our Watch we work together to solve complex problems. We help to create ‘lightbulb moments’ for people in how they understand gender equality and how they can be part of change.”

Previous roles with Unicef, Victoria’s Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC) and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, deepened her interest and forged a remarkable career path to her current position.

Loren’s policy and research work at CUAC was a career highlight. Her recommendations for companies managing water and energy utility debt for family violence victim survivors were later picked up by the Royal Commission into Family Violence in Victoria.

“My recommendations led to significant changes in how utility companies manage their hardship programs so that victim survivors are not forced to stay with abusive partners. To have these recommendations picked up by the Royal Commission was a real career achievement for me.”

Loren sees passion and commitment as vital for anyone working in the family violence sector, whether in response, prevention or behaviour change.

“You can be part of significant societal change in a career that’s rewarding and exciting. Once you get some experience in the sector, the possibilities for your career grow with it.”