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Videos: A day in the life

Watch some family violence and sexual assault workers explain what a typical day looks like in their role, what motivates them and why they love what they do.

Cat: A Sexual Assault Services Counsellor Advocate

This video follows Cat, a Counsellor Advocate at the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA House). Cat explains her role and how she helps clients navigate services and advocate for their choices. 

Emily: A Specialist Family Violence Practitioner

This video follows Emily, a Senior Specialist Family Violence Practitioner working in the family violence sector. Emily explains her role in the beginning stage of a client's journey, ensuring that they are receiving the appropriate service relevant to their needs.

Sarah: An Aboriginal Family Violence Practice Lead

This video follows Sarah, an Aboriginal Practice Lead with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA). Sarah explains her role supporting  Aboriginal practice in an Orange Door space, as well as what this role means to her and the Aboriginal community. 

Marcus: Family Violence Specialist - Perpetrator services

This video follows Marcus, a Family Violence Specialist for The Salvation Army. Marcus explains his role working with men who choose to use family violence and working in rural and regional Victoria, including Inner and Outer Gippsland.

Latoya: An Integrated Family Services Coordinator

This video follows Latoya, an Integrated Family Services Coordinator at Boorndawan William Aboriginal Healing Service, and her pathway starting with a Diploma in Community Services. A proud Kaanju Kalkadoon Torres Strait Islander woman, Latoya explains how she brings cultural knowledge to the role and offers a comfortable and safe space for clients. 


Libby: A Family Violence Practitioner 

This video follows Libby, a Family Violence Practitioner at WAYSS Women’s Refuge. Libby explains her role is to provide a safe environment for women by empowering them in providing material aid and a place that feels like home. Libby also details her journey to becoming a Family Violence Practitioner and her role as an important stepping stone that helps women move on and rebuild.

Shweta: A Team Leader - Primary prevention

This video follows Shweta, a Team Leader at GenWest in the Multilingual Health Education program. Shweta explains her learning journey to develop her skills while working in a primary prevention role.  

Primary prevention means stopping family and gendered violence before it starts by challenging the problematic attitudes, behaviours and cultural norms that drive this violence. Raising awareness of family violence is an important first step. 

Suzanne - A Clinical Lead

This video follows Suzanne, a Clinical Lead at the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA). Suzanne explains her role in supporting staff by providing clinical guidance and supervision, as well as talking about her passion for working with children, young people and families.