Next steps

It is the work of our highly skilled early childhood professionals to deliver quality early learning that has a deep impact on the trajectory of children’s lives.

We acknowledge the ongoing commitment that teachers and educators have made to the implementation of the Best Start, Best Life reforms to date and thank the sector for its engagement in shaping this next instalment in Victoria’s kindergarten workforce strategy.

We will continue to work in partnership with the sector, tertiary providers, unions, local government, and other stakeholders to strengthen our collective efforts to grow and value the kindergarten workforce, now and into the future.

The Early Childhood Education Workforce Reference Group and other consultation avenues will provide early childhood teachers and educators with ongoing opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise, and provide feedback to ensure the Best Start, Best Life Workforce Strategy remains dynamic and adapts as these once-in-a-generation reforms progress.

A woman and a young child smile and play with stamps, paper, and coloured pencils at a table.