Early childhood infrastructure streams


Grants to upgrade buildings, improve facilities or purchase equipment to create a safe and inclusive environment for all children.

You can apply under the following categories:


Grants for upgrades and minor expansions of kindergartens, or for IT equipment.

You can apply under the following categories:

Capacity building

Grants to build or expand early learning centres to create more kindergarten places.

Funding is scaled in line with the number of approved places being created.

You can apply under the following categories:


Grants for pre-construction planning and upfront costs of kindergarten building projects.

Planning grants help fund the requirements for a capacity building grant application.

Kindergartens on school sites

We are making sure that every new government primary school has a kindergarten on site or next door.

We are also building or expanding kindergartens at some existing schools. We do this when it is the best way to meet high local demand for kindergarten places.