Case studies exploring community-led recovery and coordination

Understand how governments might have supported the community to collectively lead aspects of their recovery.


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Title Case studies exploring community-led recovery and coordination
Owner Social Recovery Reference Group
Date last updated December 2019
Resource type Reflection

What is this about?

These case studies are a companion to the literature review 'Government's role in supporting community-led approaches to recovery' and the Social Recovery Reference Group discussion paper 'Considerations for governments supporting community-led recovery'. It includes nine case studies in different communities after a specific disaster.

Who is this resource for?

  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Community Recovery Committees

Table of contents

Case study 1: Bundaberg Floods, Queensland, 2013

  • Building a future together – supporting community agency and action on the rebuild

Case study 2: Waroona Complex Bushfires, South East Western Australia, 2016

  • Collaborative public management – state and local government working beside local community people and organisations

Case study 3: Evacuation Centre Experience and Planning, Nauiyu Community, Northern Territory, 2018

  • ‘Making sure people are walking that comfortable walk, in there, with you’

Case study 4: Ravenshoe Café Explosion, Queensland, 2015

  • Managing an appeal fund within a community-led recovery framework

Case study 5: Canterbury District ‘All Right?’ campaign, New Zealand, 2010–11

  • Creating a platform for community-led initiatives for psychosocial recovery

Case study 6: East Coast Bushfires, Tasmania, 2006

  • Listening to and responding to the voice of the communities

Case study 7: Recovery Adaptation, Gippsland, Victoria, 2013–14

  • Asset Based Community Development applied to recovery

Case study 8: Sherwood Fires, south-east of South Australia, 2018

  • ‘Supporting community leaders to lead community recovery’

Case study 9: Canterbury Waimakirri District Earthquakes, New Zealand, 2010–11

  • Council engaging and being enabled by the community