Organisational chart

DPC organisational chart.

DPC as at 30 June 2022:

The Secretary is Jeremi Moule, who leads the department comprised of 7 groups and its associated entities and agencies.

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Secretary, Jeremi Moule

Office of the Secretary

Executive Director, Jane Gardam

Social Services Workforce Reform

Deputy Secretary, Sandy Pitcher

Delivery and Strategy

Executive Director, Marcus Walsh

Deputy Secretary and General Counsel, Toby Hemming

Office of the General Counsel

Executive Director, Miriam Holmes


Executive Director, Jennifer Barton

Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal

Director, Nick Voukelatos

Diversity on Boards

Executive Director, Vicky Hudson

Digital Victoria

Chief Executive Officer, Michael McNamara


Deputy CEO and Chief Digital Officer, Lisa Tepper

Cyber Security

Chief Information Security Officer, John O’Driscoll

Strategy and Performance

Chief of Strategy and Operations, Suzanne Aitken

Technology and Transformation

Chief Technology Officer, Luke Halliday

Victorian Centre for Data Insights

A/Chief Data Officer, David Cullen

Cabinet, Communications & Corporate

Deputy Secretary, Vivien Allimonos

Cabinet Office

Executive Director, Rachel Cowling

Corporate Services

Executive Director, Genevieve Dolan

Corporate Governance

Director, Evelyn Loh

Strategic Communications, Engagement and Protocol

Chief Communications Officer and Chief of Protocol, Fin Bird

Social Policy and Intergovernmental Relations

Deputy Secretary, Kate Houghton

COVID-19 Coordination & Performance / Education / Social Recovery, Families, Fairness & Housing

Executive Director, Lucy Toovey

Health / Mental Health

Executive Director, Ross Broad

Intergovernmental Strategy

Executive Director, Lauren Kaerger

Justice / Community Security and Emergency Management

Executive Director, Emma Catford

Office of Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor

Director, Shasta Holland

Economic Policy and State Productivity

Deputy Secretary, Tim Ada

Economic Development and International

Executive Director, Rob Holland

Economic Strategy

Executive Director, Heather Ridley

Energy, Resources and Environment

Executive Director, Matt Minchin

Infrastructure, Planning and Major Projects

Executive Director, Andrew Witchard

First Peoples–State Relations

Deputy Secretary, Elly Patira

Self-Determination, Transformation and Policy

Executive Director, Ruth Barson

Traditional Owner Relationships and Heritage

Executive Director, Travis Lovett

Treaty Negotiations and Strategy

Lead Negotiators:

  • David McAuley
  • Shen Narayanasamy

Industrial Relations Victoria

Deputy Secretary, Matt O’Connor

Private Sector

Executive Director, Lissa Zass

Public Sector

Executive Director, Jesse Maddison

Portfolio entities

Administrative Offices

  • Office of the Governor
  • Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel
  • Office of the Victorian Government Architect
  • Public Record Office Victoria
  • Service Victoria

Other entities

  • Victorian Public Sector Commission

Special bodies

  • Victorian Electoral Commission
  • Electoral Boundaries Commission
  • Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal

Public entities

  • Breakthrough Victoria Fund Pty Ltd
  • Cenitex
  • Labour Hire Authority
  • Portable Long Service Authority
  • Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council
  • Wage Inspectorate Victoria