Message from the Secretary

DPC Corporate Plan 2019-23

Message from the Secretary

The Department of Premier and Cabinet leads the public service in working towards a stronger, fairer, better Victoria by providing leadership and promoting collaboration across the public sector. This Corporate Plan 2019–23 outlines the key initiatives the department will undertake to support the Victorian Government to achieve its strategic objectives and deliver an ambitious agenda.

Over the next four years, we will continue to pursue our vision of being recognised and respected leaders in whole of Victorian Government policy and performance by:

  • involving citizens in policy making and improving opportunities for Victorians to participate in social, cultural, economic and democratic life
  • leading the public sector in protecting and promoting our values of integrity and accountability, and responding to significant state issues, projects and policy challenges
  • fostering and promoting excellence in public service administration
  • creating an agile, responsive and high-performing DPC and VPS, by enabling cross-government collaboration and improving career opportunities for VPS staff.

As we move into the second term of the current government, we are making significant progress in implementing a large agenda of projects and reforms. The department will ensure this progress continues by providing exemplary support to the Premier, Ministers and Cabinet.

We will also continue to support and engage with diverse Victorian communities through our work on Aboriginal self-determination and treaty, promoting full inclusion for LGBTI people, and strengthening multicultural affairs and social cohesion.

I look forward to implementing the initiatives in this Corporate Plan alongside my colleagues both at the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and across the Victorian government.

Chris Eccles AO, Secretary