Operating environment

DPC provides advice and support to the Premier and Cabinet and responds to government priorities by supporting our Secretary as leader of the VPS.

DPC’s operating environment has been characterised by the continuing response to COVID-19. DPC’s leadership of departments to cohesively respond to the pandemic is critical to Victoria’s recovery.

As a First Minister’s department, DPC will continue to protect and advance Victoria’s interests through sophisticated policy development, advocacy and implementation. We work with other departments and portfolio entities to deliver for Victorians through this crucial period with a view to Victoria’s economic and social recovery.

DPC promotes a whole of government perspective and cooperation, engaging across jurisdictions, and with the Commonwealth and local governments. We provide oversight of the business of government and provide public administration stewardship to build trust in transparent and accountable government institutions.

DPC also works closely with stakeholders in the private sector, community sector and academia. We have a direct relationship with the community through our community engagement and service delivery responsibilities, and through our ministerial portfolios. This includes working with Victoria’s First Peoples, unions and employer organisations.

DPC leads and liaises with several interdepartmental groups and committees, most notably the Victorian Secretaries’ Board as the peak leadership group for the VPS. DPC will continue its leadership of the Victorian Secretaries’ Board, working with the Secretaries of each department, the Chief Commissioner of Police, and the Victorian Public Sector Commissioner, to coordinate major policy initiatives across the public sector.