Key stakeholders

The department’s primary goal is to oversee the operations of government and provide stewardship in public administration, in order to build trust in transparent and accountable government institutions. We do this by promoting a comprehensive approach to governance and collaboration, and actively engaging with various government bodies, including the Commonwealth and local governments, to ensure effective coordination.

In addition, the department maintains close working relationships with stakeholders from the private sector, community sector, and academia. We actively engage with the community through our service delivery and ministerial portfolio responsibilities. This includes collaborating with Victoria's First Peoples, unions such as the Community and Public Sector Union and employer organisations.

The department leads and facilitates communication among numerous interdepartmental groups and committees, with particular emphasis on the Victorian Secretaries' Board, which is responsible for strategic oversight of public administration in Victoria. The department will continue to provide leadership to the Victorian Secretaries' Board, working alongside department secretaries, the Chief Commissioner of Police and the Victorian Public Sector Commissioner. This collaborative effort ensures the effective coordination of major policy initiatives across the entire public sector.