Is your service registered for the 2023 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge?

Join now and encourage children to go ‘wild about reading’ and choose their books.

A mother is reading a book with her daughter

There’s still time to join the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, one of the year’s much-loved highlights for children, parents, carers and teachers across the state.

With the 2023 Challenge now underway, you can still register children from your early childhood service to go ‘wild about reading’.

As well as broadening young minds, the Challenge encourages a lifelong love of reading, teaches literacy skills and opens new horizons, by introducing children to a wide range of books to suit all interests.

Children attending early childhood services are challenged to read 40 books (with the help of an adult). Choose from thousands of books for children of all ages and abilities on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge book list.

Children who complete the Challenge will receive a certificate signed by the current premier and past Victorian state premiers, who are all fans of the initiative – and reading.

Posters and resources to help you run the Challenge are available on the tips and resources webpage.

Visit the VicPRC Facebook page to stay informed, or sign up to receive the PRC coordinator update during the Challenge.

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For more information, visit the Premiers’ Reading Challenge.