Provisionally registered teacher grants

Apply for funding to support provisionally registered teachers to achieve full registration.

Children with their teacher playing at kinder

The final funding round for 2022–23 to support early childhood provisionally registered teachers’ move to full registration is now open and accepting applications until Wednesday 19 April 2023.

Early childhood services delivering a funded kindergarten program and their approved provider can apply for funding of $2,872 (excluding GST) per provisionally registered teacher intending to move to full registration in the next 12 months.

Moving from provisional to full registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching is an important step in a teacher’s career. The move demonstrates a teacher’s proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Services and provisionally registered teachers can use grant funding in any way that supports them to move to full teacher registration, including:

  • providing paid time release, travel or accommodation expenses for both the provisionally registered teacher and a mentor to work with each other
  • employing a casual relief teacher to backfill the provisionally registered teacher or mentor
  • supporting the provisionally registered teacher to undertake formal professional learning, such as attending relevant conferences, workshops, seminars and online courses
  • funding subscriptions to teacher magazines, journals, research articles and relevant textbook resources
  • supporting access to coaching from an external consultant.

Apply using the 2022–23 Funding for Provisionally Registered Teachers Round 2 application form.

Please ensure the person completing the application is authorised to do so and is in a leadership position, such as a service manager, director, nominated supervisor, operations manager or approved provider.

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For more information, refer to funding to support provisionally registered early childhood teachers.

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