Best Start, Best Life 2023 Educational Leaders Conference resources

Access resources and recordings from the conference sessions to catch up on expert presentations and panel discussions.

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The inaugural Best Start, Best Life 2023 Educational Leaders Conference on Wednesday 15 February 2023 brought together more than 2,000 early childhood Educational Leaders, experts and practitioners from across the state.

The conference theme, ‘Evidence for impact: giving children the best start’, encouraged strong, evidence-informed discussion about early childhood education.

Recordings and further resources from the conference sessions are available on the conference website, including:

  • recordings of the panel discussion on using evidence and reflective practice; the keynote from Professor Jane Bertrand; the presentation from ARC Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer; and the keynote from Sir Kevan Collins
  • links to research from Professor Iram Siraj OBE on the evidence for educational leadership in improving quality.

We hope attendees were inspired by the world-renowned experts and local practitioners and have new ideas ready to put into action.

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For further information about the conference, including accessing the recordings, refer to Best Start, Best Life 2023 Educational Leaders Conference.