Cultural connections support safety at kinder for Koorie families

Watch and share this video to learn how to ensure a culturally safe early learning environment.

A teacher showing a book to a group of kids in a classroom

A new video in the Koorie Kids Shine series shows how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families are being welcomed into safe and accepting early childhood learning environments.

In Cultural Safety at Kinder, Aboriginal parent Shakara Montalto discusses what's important for her in sending her son to kinder. In the video, educator Justine Molony also explains how services welcome the opportunity to include cultural diversity and practices in learning programs.

The new video highlights the importance of acknowledging, including and celebrating Aboriginal culture as part of the exciting developments in Victorian funded kindergarten programs.

Support in action

Cultural Safety at Kinder encourages continuous learning about Aboriginal culture and points to resources, support and activities for families and educators.

As Free Kinder expands to support all children with access to 15 hours of free Three-Year-Old Kindergarten by 2029, access for eligible children to Early Start Kindergarten (ESK) remains a priority for all Victorian funded kindergarten programs.

Services accurately recording ESK enrolments will be allocated additional funding, with long day care services able to reduce childcare gap fees for families, including School Readiness Funding.

To ensure that Aboriginal children are enrolled in ESK and all supports are available to the families and your service, services are encouraged to discuss eligibility for ESK with families and professionals working directly with families.

Start by sharing this video and contacting your regional Koorie Education Coordinator to discuss cultural safety at your kinder.

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For more information, refer to Early childhood education programs supporting Aboriginal children.