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Forward Procurement Activity Plan (FPAP) 2023-24 - Department of Government Services

A summary of the Department of Government Service's forecast procurement activities.

We publish a summary of DGS’s forecast procurement activities. This is in accordance with the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s governance policy.

The Forward Procurement Activity Plan (FPAP) 2023-24 is provided solely for informational purposes. It should not be relied upon for any reason.

Please find the:

All planned procurements are subject to change at any time at the department’s discretion.

All published estimated market release dates are indicative only and are subject to endorsement of a suitable procurement strategy.

This information does not represent a solicitation or invitation to supply, or a commitment by the department to purchase the described goods and services.

Procurements identified on this plan are expected to have a value greater than $100,000.

Reviewed 14 September 2023

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