Introduction and purpose

Victoria’s Gender Equality Baseline Report 2019 (the Baseline Report) provides a set of measures against which progress towards gender equality outcomes in Victoria will be monitored over time.

The development of the Baseline Report was a founding reform of Victoria’s gender equality strategy, Safe and Strong. The Andrews Government has embarked on an ambitious reform agenda to improve all areas of gender equality. The Baseline Report outlines significant gender equality gaps drawing on available data as of October 2019 and identifies areas for potential government investment across the next three years.

This Baseline Report provides an overview of the current status of gender equality and lays the foundation for measurable action to guide future effort for years to come. The report provides an indication of where Victoria is performing well and outlines priority focus areas for future data collection.

Achieving gender equality for all Victorians is a fundamental human right. It is also important in contributing to healthier and safer communities and strengthening our economy. The Victorian Government recognises that this change will not occur quickly or easily. Rather, we acknowledge the scale and complexity of the task before us and will continue to invest in real actions to deliver improvements to progressively build attitudinal and behavioural change required to achieve gender equality and reduce violence against women.