Refreshed outcomes framework

1. Victorians live free from gendered norms, stereotypes, and expectations

Victorians do not tolerate attitudes and behaviour that support gender inequality:

  • decrease in prevalence of reported workplace and everyday sexism, sexual harassment and gender discrimination*
  • increase in positive bystander behaviour towards gender inequality and discrimination based on sex and gender*
  • decrease in attitudes that justify, excuse, minimise, hide or shift violence against women*

Victorians model and promote a commitment to gender equality:

  • increase in the number of workplaces and organisations that demonstrate a commitment to gender equality*
  • increase in support, recognition and value placed on unpaid work
  • decrease in representations of restrictive gender norms in the media, advertising and the arts

2. Victorians are empowered, healthy and safe

Health and wellbeing are not limited by gender:

  • improved sexual and reproductive health#
  • improved mental wellbeing#
  • improved physical health#
  • increase participation of women and girls in sport and active recreation#
  • improved outcomes for women in the criminal justice system

All Victorians are safe and treated with respect in their homes, communities and workplaces:

  • increase in people reporting they enjoy safe, healthy and respectful relationships#
  • reduction in all forms of family and sexual violence*#
  • increase in women feeling safe in public spaces*#
  • increase in connection to culture and community#

3. Victorians have equal access to economic and material security

Victorians are rewarded equitably for their contribution in all aspects of society:

  • increase gender income equity and security
  • increased representation of women in all settings and at all levels of leadership
  • increased diversity of women leaders

Participation in education and the economy is not limited by gender:

  • reduced gender segregation in occupations and education
  • reduced gender gap in workplace participation

Access to safe and secure housing is not limited by gender:

  • improved outcomes for homeless women, especially single mothers and older women#
  • reduced housing stress for households headed by single women

4. The Victorian Government is a leader on gender equality

Gender equality is embedded in all Victorian Government decisions and actions:

  • increased focus on gender equality in Victorian Government procurement and grant giving
  • increased focus on gender equality in Victorian Government policy making

Outcomes framework alignment key

* Victoria's Free From Violence Outcomes Framework
# Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework