Data collection interim advice

Work is underway to improve LGBTIQA+ data collection

As part of Priority Area 3 in Pride in our future: Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ strategy 2022-32, we will aim to:

  • introduce LGBTIQA+ data standards across the Victorian Government
  • develop guidance materials on how to collect, analyse and report on data by government and government-funded services.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) is working on a project to improve and standardise how, and for what purpose, VPS departments collect personal demographic data from their employees.

The focus of this work is to define a set of consistent whole-of-VPS collection standards and indicators that government uses in its workforce data standards reporting.

The standards will be underpinned by clear and consistent approaches to why data is collected, what it is used for and how it is shared. They will not be applicable when collecting data from the public via government services – it is only for government workers.

Good practice advice is also offered under standard five of Rainbow Tick. Rainbow Tick is a quality framework developed by Rainbow Health Australia that helps health and human services organisations show that they are safe, inclusive and affirming services and employers for LGBTIQ communities.[1]

What to do if you’re making changes to your systems

If you are planning to make any changes to your systems, we recommend you email the Equality Unit for updated timelines on the VPSC’s work.

See External References for links to resources on data collection available in other jurisdictions.


[1] Rainbow Health Australia, Rainbow Tick: a framework for LGBTIQ cultural safety, available at: