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Last call for EOIs for 2022 Learn Local – Industry Just in Time Projects

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  • Registered Learn Local providers — ALL
  • Statewide providers
  • ACFE Board
  • ACFE Regional Councils
  • Learn Local stakeholders
  • PIRE Branch staff

FROM: Jeanette Nagorcka, Executive Director ACFE Division

DATE: 27/09/2022

SUBJECT: Last call for EOIs for 2022 Learn Local – Industry Just in Time Projects

Actions / Critical Dates:

  • Express Interest (EOI) in Learn Local Industry Just in Time initiative by final cut-off date for 2022 of COB 30 October 2022
  • Review the Just in Time guidelines (Attachment 1).
  • Submit your EOI (at end of Attachment 1) by email to Kaye Bowman with the title Just in Time and name of the organisation and cc your regional office
  • Email any questions to Kaye Bowman or to your regional office

The ACFE Board is committed to supporting partnerships between Learn Locals and employers to drive employment outcomes for educationally disadvantaged adult learners, including through the Learn Local Industry Just in Time initiative.

Round 2 of the Learn Local Industry Just in Time initiative in 2022 is open for one more round, for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from Learn Local providers received by COB 30 October 2022.

To be eligible, Learn Local providers need to have a developing partnership with a local employer(s) with an immediate business skills need which pre-accredited training can address.

The Learn Local Just in Time initiative can support cost of these services as required:

  • Development of bespoke teaching and learning resources and program suited to partner employer for either or both jobseekers and existing workers.
  • Development of initial assessment and placement tools to assess learner suitability for the bespoke program
  • Industry brokerage
  • Administration costs (not including standard operational costs)
  • Legal advice
  • Other, but not bespoke program delivery that is to be paid from Learn Local’s annual pre-accredited training delivery hours

Please review the Just in Time guidelines attached and submit an expression of interest on the included form, and by COB 30 October 2022 to be in the next and final batch for 2022.

Successful 30 October 2022 EOIs will receive a contract for eight months duration.

Just in Time Industry Partnerships
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