Nargneit Birrang - Aboriginal holistic healing framework for family violence

Nargneit Birrang provides a framework to guide the flexible design, funding, implementation and evaluation of Aboriginal-lead holistic healing programs for family violence in Victoria.

1 Dec 2019

Nargneit Birrang (To see the river) is for all Victorian Aboriginal people – adults, children, young people and families – who are impacted by family violence and need holistic healing; and for the Aboriginal services and communities who support them on their healing journeys.

The purpose of the Nargneit Birrang Framework and evaluation of Aboriginal-led holistic healing programs for family violence in Victoria, informed by the principle of self-determination. Nargneit Birrang (pronounced ‘Nar-neat Be-rang’) is a Woiwurrung word meaning “To see the river”.

Through self-determination, Aboriginal individuals, families and communities are safe and thriving.