The Nargneit Birrang Vision

Vision: Through self-determination, Aboriginal individuals, families and communities are safe and thriving

The framework acknowledges the rights of Aboriginal people to self-determination – including at the system level the right to design and implement holistic healing programs and activities that communities know are needed and will deliver outcomes to prevent, address and bring about healing for family violence. At the individual or family level it acknowledges the rights of Aboriginal people to have agency, be empowered and have a voice in their healing journey and in the services they access.

Nargneit Birrang and its vision were developed based on extensive engagement with Victorian Aboriginal communities in 2017-18 and analysis of literature and research.

Framework purpose

Nargneit Birrang outlines a clear framework to address family violence impacting Aboriginal people and communities based on 6 integrated principles for Aboriginal holistic healing:

  1. Self-determination is fundamental.
  2. Safety is a priority.
  3. Culture, Country and Community are embedded in healing.
  4. The past impacts on the present.
  5. Healing is trauma-informed.
  6. Resilience and hope make a difference.

These principles were co-designed with Aboriginal communities and reflect what existing literature tells us and what people shared throughout the project consultation as being essential to Aboriginal holistic healing for family violence.

The Service Design Characteristics that accompany each Principle have been developed as a guide to describe what a Principle might look like in practice from the perspective of Aboriginal people accessing healing; Aboriginal organisations and services delivering healing; and the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Government commits to endorsing the framework and working towards an effective implementation plan to actualise the framework.