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Who took part in the research?

Information about the disability workers who took part in the NDIS workforce longitudinal research study in 2019.

An effort was made to recruit people from all disability settings and across Victoria.

As in 2018, survey participants were most commonly aged 45-54, located in metropolitan Victoria and had worked in the sector for over 20 years. They were most commonly employed full time, worked in the public sector and were working in established regions in terms of NDIS rollout stage. Over half worked in a residential setting, and almost seven-in-ten were members of HACSU.

Key characteristics of survey participants in 2019 are outlined below.

Form of employment

Research participant's form of employment
Form of employment
Form of Employment Percentage of research study participants
Permanent full-time job with paid leave entitlements 36%
Permanent part-time job with paid leave entitlements 44%
Fixed-term contract with paid leave entitilements 5%
Casual job without paid leave entitlements 16%
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Research participant's sector
Sector Percentage of research study participants
Not for profit or charitable organisation 40%
Privately owned, for profit organisations 9%
Public, government, or government-owned organisation 51%
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NDIS rollout status

Research participant's NDIS rollout status
NDIS rollout status
NDIS rollout status Percentage of research study participants
Recently rolled out regions (not rolled out in 2018) 17%
Moderately rolled out regions (mid rollout in 2018) 31%
Established regions (rolled out in 2018) 52%
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Disability setting

Research participant's disability setting
Disability setting
Disability setting Percentage of research study participants
Residential/ Shared supported accommodation/ Group home: 57%
Community participation/ Community access 17%
In-home support/ Home care 14%
Day program 13%
Respite 10%
Support Coordination/ Case management 9%
Allied Health 7%
Other 7%
Management/ Human resources 6%
Administration 5%
Outreach 4%
Early intervention 3%
Supported employment/ employment services 2%
Volunteer 1%
I do not work in the disability sector 0%
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Union membership

Research participant's union membership
Union membership
Union membership Percentage of research study participants
Health and Community Services Union 68%
Other unions 10%
Not members of a union 21%
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Reviewed 15 July 2020

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