Our compliance process

The Housing Registrar provides regulatory oversight of registered community housing agencies by monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Housing Act 1983 and Performance Standards.

Performance Standards

Registered agencies must comply with Performance Standards at all times. The Performance Standards are broad, and the Housing Registrar assesses the performance of registered agencies with reference to the individual agency’s scale and complexity, risk profile, past performance, and relative performance of similar agencies.

Gazetted Performance Standards:

  1. Tenant and housing services
  2. Housing assets
  3. Community engagement
  4. Governance
  5. Probity
  6. Management
  7. Financial viability
Performance standards for registered housing agencies
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Performance standards for registered housing agencies
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We actively assess registered agencies’ compliance with Performance Standards throughout the year (real-time). We also undertake an Annual Compliance Assessment (ACA) at the conclusion of each compliance year (1 July – 30 June).

Monitoring and assessment

We use a range of monitoring tools to collect evidence of registered agency performance:

  • Real-time monitoring tools collect evidence throughout the compliance year
  • Annual monitoring tools collect evidence at the conclusion of the compliance year.

We assess each registered agency’s performance based on evidence collected using our monitoring tools.

Housing Registrar - Summary of real-time and annual monitoring tools

Regulatory response

Regulatory action items

After we assess evidence of registered agency performance, we may conclude that the agency’s performance needs improvement.

We will collaborate with the registered agency to develop Regulatory Action Items that are specific, have a clear performance improvement objective, and can feasibly be actioned by the organisation.

The registered agency is required to report on the completion of a Regulatory Action Item on or before the agreed deadline. We may also request informal updates on the status of Regulatory Action Items during regulatory engagement meetings.

Regulatory Action Items are not published.

Regulatory intervention

A registered agency may be subject to more robust regulatory intervention if it has long-standing performance issues and it has been unwilling or unable to remedy its performance through Regulatory Action Items. Regulatory intervention is considered a last resort to enforce compliance.

Further information can be found in the Intervention Guidelines.

Intervention Guidelines
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Intervention Guidelines
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Annual compliance outcomes

Annual compliance outcomes are issued after the completion of the ACA and published on the Housing Registrar website.

MetPerformance during the compliance period meets the Performance Requirements.
Met with recommendations

Performance during the compliance period meets the Performance Requirements.

Performance gaps were identified during the compliance period, which the registered agency is required to address through Regulatory Action Items.

Did not meet

Performance during the compliance period has not met the Performance Requirements.

There may also be a risk that the identified under performance will impact future compliance with the Performance Requirements.


Performance during the compliance period cannot be determined because the registered agency is not yet undertaking the relevant activity.

Note: This outcome only applies to PS1: Tenant and housing services, PS2: Housing assets and PS3: Community engagement.

Our regulatory principles

We apply the following principles to all our regulatory activities:

  • Tenants first – We are focused on whether a registered agency’s activities support the tenant journey, ensuring they feel heard and have appropriate avenues to resolve complaints.
  • Outcomes focussed – Each registered agency varies in scope and size. We accept that different agencies will have different operational approaches to complying with Performance Standards.
  • Informed – We understand that the housing sector is complex and that there are a multitude of factors that will affect an agency’s performance, some of which may be beyond an agency’s direct control. We are committed to using data and other information to inform the way we regulate.
  • Efficient – We seek to minimise the administrative burden placed on agencies by only requesting information from registered agencies that directly contributes to our ability to assess performance.
  • Consistent and targeted – We have clear and consistent compliance practices that result in consistent decision-making across all registered agencies.
  • Collaborative and transparent – Where performance risks are identified, we will work together with registered agencies on practical mitigation strategies, which will be clearly articulated and recorded.
  • Committed to improvement – We are constantly seeking to improve the way we regulate for the benefit of tenants and registered agencies. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.