Commissioner for LGBTIQA+ Communities highlights

  • A rural and regional tour promoting the strategy to 12 communities and 269 Victorians.
  • Rainbow Ready Roadmap (RRR) resources launched after wide consultation with 13 LGBTIQA+ communities. There were 29 consultation sessions that reached 240 people.
  • Worked with LGBTIQA+ organisations on the #IStandWithTransPeople campaign.
  • Worked with the Coroners Court, the Department of Health and Switchboard Victoria to release a new report with suicide data for LGBTIQ+ communities in Victoria from 2012 to 2021. This helps us to better understand suicide in our communities.

Case study

The Commissioner visited the City of Greater Bendigo and Headspace in Bendigo, together with partner organisation Rural Pride Australia. The Commissioner ensures LGBTIQA+ people with lived experience take part in meetings whenever possible.

During this visit, the Commissioner met a young trans person in distress. They experienced ongoing ‘deadnaming’ and misgendering in their school environment.

The Commissioner reached out to the Department of Education to change this young person's paperwork before their graduation. The Commissioner attended their graduation where this young person felt thrilled to have their gender publicly affirmed by their school.