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LGBTIQ+ voices are at the heart of Victoria’s first LGBTIQ+ strategy. These voices are central as we design programs and deliver on our commitments.

Capturing the views, hopes and wishes of Victoria’s diverse LGBTIQ+ communities is central to understanding how government can respond to the challenges facing LGBTIQ+ people, communities and organisations. Our consultation highlighted the various ways government can work in partnership with LGBTIQ+ communities to achieve greater equality.

We thank all the Victorians who shared their personal experiences and stories during consultation by attending a workshop, making a submission or completing a survey. Victorians made these contributions during a time of heightened stress for communities, as we contended with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We must also acknowledge the support of Victoria’s Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities in bringing together LGBTIQ+ Victorians. The former Commissioner, Ro Allen, attended all 41 targeted community workshops.

Through the generous contributions of LGBTIQ+ Victorians, their families, advocates, allies and the broader community, we came up with seven themes for improving the lives of LGBTIQ+ communities:

  • protecting human rights and access to justice
  • intersectionality and inclusion
  • representation and participation
  • LGBTIQ+ inclusive and accessible services and community
  • connecting within and between LGBTIQ+ communities
  • data, research and evidence
  • targets, monitoring and reporting.


LGBTIQ+ organisations This includes organisations, communities or businesses that are community-led. This can mean LGBTIQ+ people run them, steer their boards, or that they are known in community for offering services for LGBTIQ+ people. They are not the same as non-government organisations or mainstream services that may have completed Rainbow Tick accreditation or similar to ensure they are LGBTIQ+ inclusive.

View the key terms and definitions used in our strategy

Key consultation statistics

  • 1,600+ contributions from people and organisations, some more than once
  • 1,280 Engage Victoria survey responses
  • 41 online workshops
  • 97 written submissions:
    • 42 submissions from non-government organisations
    • 22 submissions from individuals
    • 16 submissions from LGBTIQ+ community organisations
    • 15 submissions from government organisations (including local councils)
    • two submissions from groups affiliated with universities
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Reviewed 05 February 2022

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